SYLK personal lubricant is the unsung hero of sex!

If you only associate lube with dryness, it's time to step out of the box. Instead,
think a slippery bonus to your body’s own lubrication — no matter your gender, age, or stage in life.
Sometimes nature needs a bit of nurture to help overcome occasional dryness. SYLK has you covered!

SYLK is the only water-based moisturizing lubricant made with New Zealand kiwi vine extract, our signature ingredient that makes SYLK ultra-slippery without being sticky or tacky! SYLK lube is not made with parabens, hormones, added fragrances, or harsh chemicals. It’s pH balanced and gentle - just like the body’s natural lubrication. SYLK is safe for use with all kinds of sex toys and condom compatible. It’s the perfect solution for ease and comfort for your activity between the sheets.

See how young couples are spicing it up between the sheets with SYLK:


SYLK is water-based so it's toy safe and won't deteriorate the ones made of silicone. With your partner or even by yourself, a dab of SYLK on your favorite bedroom toys and let the 50 Shades of fun, begin!


It can be difficult to produce enough saliva to perform oral sex. SYLK is edible, flavorless, and won't leave a sticky residue behind. Make your job easier and enhance your lover's experience.


Safe sex is the best kind and because SYLK is water-based, it's safe to use with latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene. We suggest you put a drop inside the rubber before it's put on and then rub some on the outside, too!


This one is pretty obvious, at least we think so (wink, wink). Begin with a dime-sized amount because too much sliding is almost as bad as not enough! And the best part, SYLK won't leave that sticky residue behind!

Young Couples LOVE SYLK!

Customers reviews

"I’ve never had a problem getting naturally excited but it can be difficult to remain that way depending on the length of the sesh and a few other environmental factors. I’ve tried other lubricants in the past but hated the stickiness and they almost always caused me irritation. So, I was excited to try SYLK because of its non-irritating, natural elements. WOW, SYLK really wasn’t AT ALL sticky and definitely took our love making session to the next level. No after effects with irritation really sealed the deal for me, best product on the market hands down! Thank you so much!!"
"My girlfriend and I love this stuff! We used KY and it just wasn’t cutting it. We tried SYLK and we will never use another product!!! It feels different than any other product on the market and it makes a huge difference!"
"SYLK is hands down the best personal lubricant I have used. As a 23 year old, I didn’t really use lube a whole lot, just for toys and the occasional times when needed. When I came across SYLK it was a whole different story. I literally use it just about every time now. It not only enhances the intimate experience with your partner but the all natural product actually feels natural, unlike all the other lubricants I’d tried previously. The name is SYLK for a reason. If you are looking for a great experience for you and your partner, SYLK is the way to go."
"My boyfriend and I rarely used lubricants, except for the occasional time here and there. We were introduced to SYLK and now it’s the other way around, we rarely ever not use this product. It’s water based so you don’t ever have to worry about feeling sticky and gives a natural feel to the experience. Highly recommend SYLK."
"Finally a Lube that I can trust!! My girlfriend and I used Sylk for the first time a couple of months ago and boy, I can’t get enough! My girlfriend is a small girl and I am a big guy so we use lube to get things going. We used to have a hard time with it because we are both chemical freaks and do not want chemicals all over our genitals!!! Thank god we found Sylk. Thank you guys!!!"