How lubrication helped me:

As a woman, I tend to enjoy sex more when I’m feeling confident and attractive. Being dry on a consistent basis made me feel unsure of myself and inadequate. These unpleasant feelings interfered with my ability to find sex appealing. In other words, they’d ruin the experience for me before it even got started. During sexual intercourse, I couldn’t feel any pleasure at all. The deed was extremely uncomfortable for me. Sometimes, I could even feel pain. Thankfully, I found out about SYLK personal lubrication and decided to give it a try.

It Gives me More Pleasure

There were a few, different factors contributing to my body’s own, low supply of lubrication. However, the main cause proved to be the same for each one, and that was a drop in my estrogen levels. For instance, I noticed a need for female lubrication, during the months I was breastfeeding. At this time, having sex was not something I looked forward to doing. Without sufficient lubrication of my own, I simply couldn’t enjoy it. As a matter of fact, I remember wanting to get through it as quickly as possible because I felt so bored and unsatisfied. Sex had always been a priority for me. Once I started breastfeeding, though, I became dry and lost interest in it entirely.

Also, I’ve noticed that my body tends to produce less of its natural lubrication both before and after ovulation occurs. Again, this appears to be caused by a sudden dip in my estrogen levels. When I tried SYLK, I was shocked. Sex didn’t just become tolerable after that. As a matter of fact, it took the pleasure that I experienced with my own lubrication in the past, to a whole, new level. I was amazed by the huge difference it made for me.

It Makes Intercourse More Comfortable

It should come as no surprise that having sexual intercourse with a dry vagina made me feel uncomfortable. My partner’s size only served to compound my initial problem, too. The pressure felt like someone was trying to push through with a large, dull blade. My body wouldn’t allow it, and I kept resisting. I was afraid that my vagina would get bruised up from the constant, unwelcome pressure I kept getting down there. Admittedly, this made me worry a great deal. Thankfully, I didn’t get bruised. However, I did end up feeling incredibly sore.

Luckily, lubrication was able to change all of this for me in a heartbeat. Once I began using SYLK on a regular basis, I could feel my partner slide right into me. That being said, I didn’t feel any of the old discomfort or pain that I used to have, during sex. There was no resistance, and my body was relaxed and even receptive to it. This improved the quality of my relationships, and it can do wonders for your intimate relationships, as well.

It Makes Me Want to Have Sex

Making use of personal lubrication is a good idea for a lot of different reasons. By making me feel more confident and sexy, it makes me want to do the deed more. Why is that such a good thing? I’ll be having intercourse more often. As a result, I’ll be able to reap the many benefits that sex has been shown to offer. Because the intimate act successfully wards off germs and infections, I’m bound to get sick less often.

For a while, I struggled with high blood pressure. When I started using lubrication, sex became more enticing, and I began having it more times throughout the week. At this time, I noticed my blood pressure go down and return to a normal number. Incorporating lubrication into my routine did more for me than I could have ever imagined. It encouraged me to do the deed more, and this did absolute wonders for my health.

Because of the physical and psychological benefits, personal lubrication has to offer, I believe it’s crucial for any woman, who wishes to obtain sustained comfort and happiness in this life. Before I discovered it, I lost interest in sex, but there was a whole lot more to it than that. I had reached a point, where I actually felt repulsed by it. Female lubrication helped me get back in touch with my own femininity, and it restored my confidence. Now I can proudly say it changed my life forever.


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