Most of the time, when we think of adult lubrication, we think about Sex and the City, Girls Trip and all of those other iconic shows where women unabashedly praise their adult toys. Little do we know that, as a rule, lube is used widely by both genders for a variety of reasons. In the case of males, while most use lube as a sexual enhancer, others use it to keep their nether areas from the elements. Whatever the reason, SYLK is the perfect solution for all protection “down there.”

5 Ways Men Use Lube


  1. Intercourse (Front and Back)

Whether the action is happening through the front door, or the back door, everything is much more pleasurable with sufficient lubrication. Preparing the area(s) ahead of time allows for all activity to happen naturally, and in real time. No interruptions, or even unwanted foreplay, will occur. The good thing about SYLK is that it is not made with perfumes that switch your mood off, or make the situation awkward. It also glides on (and in!) smoothly and leaves the skin silky, not greasy or oily.

  1. Protection from Rubbing and Chafing

Chafing: that uncomfortable rubbing in your personal area. It’s happened to everyone and it’s not pleasant. But what’s a guy to do? Cue: moisturizing lubricant. When choosing a product that is going on your member, it’s important to choose premium products. You wouldn’t put harsh chemicals on your face…it doesn’t belong on your privates. Top quality ingredients that can moisturize and evaporate/absorb into your skin with ease are all factors to consider. SYLK is a water-based moisturizing lubricant that takes the guesswork out.

  1. Personal Play/Masturbation

When “me” time is about to happen, some men like to take the experience to the next level. Using a personal lubricant such as SYLK makes the game oh-so-slippery smooth without creating a greasy, oily mess. Just apply SYLK to the preferred pleasurable item and let it all lose. Your imagination will take care of the rest.

  1. Prophylactic (Condom) Support

When practicing safe sex, it’s especially important to make sure there is ample lubrication. A ripped or broken condom can’t do its job of protecting you and your partner and it is much easier for a condom to tear if there is not sufficient lubrication. When you choose to grab a tube of personal lubricant – check the label to ensure compatibility with your choice of condom. Many oils and petroleums will break down the latex in condoms and not all water-based lubricants are compatible with every type of condom. SYLK is water-based and made with New Zealand kiwi fruit vine extract. This gentle formula is ultra slick and compatible with latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms.

  1. During-and-After Workouts

Undeniably, athletes are the biggest sufferers of dry nether skin due to:

  1. Constant changes in their body temperatures
  2. Sweating
  3. Showering and soaping
  4. Rubbing skin during exercise
  5. Exercise clothes
  6. Jockstraps
  7. Drastic changes in their diets

All of these reasons leave the athletes’ most vulnerable body areas at the mercy of anything. Many men apply a small dot of lubricant in the testicular area, and even around the shaft area, choosing a gentle product adverse reactions to the harsh chemicals found in soaps and some fabrics.



Lube is as necessary for men as it is for women. From a personal lubricant for sex to a moisturizing lubricant for comfort, men can make great use of a lube that finishes smoothly without greasing up their groin area.  SYLK is the only water-based moisturizing lubricant made from New Zealand Kiwi Vine Extract that supplements the body’s natural lubrication. SYLK is not made with parabens, harsh chemicals, hormones, animal products, fragrances, artificial colors or flavors. While comparable products on the market can be sticky or tacky and cause itching, burning, and other unpleasant discomforts, SYLK’s proprietary formula is designed to mimic the body’s lubrication for gentle, safe lubrication. Shop HERE.

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