Top Five Reasons For Vaginal Dryness

The struggle is real for many women throughout the world. Vaginal dryness is a painful and sometimes embarrassing situation that most women experience at some time in their lives.

While it may feel as if you’re the only one dealing with this painful problem, it can affect any woman at any age, so know that you are not alone. While nearly half of women in menopause experience vaginal dryness, nearly 18% of women across all age groups experience reduced female lubrication for one reason or another.

There can be many reasons women experience reduced natural lubrication and dryness. Here are the top five reasons:

1) Childbirth and Breastfeeding

Hormones can really throw you for a loop. Not only do they cause crazy mood swings, cravings, and acne, but they can also cause reduced personal lubrication! Fun.

The hormonal changes associated with pregnancy can bring a change to your vagina and its natural lubrication. Plus, after you give birth to your bouncing bundle of joy, you might experience decreased slickness from breastfeeding. Breastfeeding results in an overall drop in estrogen, which may mean you need to reach for some lube when you’re ready to get back in the saddle.

2) Perimenopause/Menopause

Another time of great hormonal change is The Change itself: menopause. Obviously, this causes a big reduction in estrogen, and that can wreak havoc on your personal moisture. Prior to The Change, many women enter a time of perimenopause where they occasionally experience dramatic hormonal changes, which of course, can also cause dryness.

During times of hormonal changes, reach for a trusted lubricant to help keep things sliding smoothly.

3) Medications

Over 300 medications can throw your vagina out of whack. These include allergy and cold medications, so next time you find yourself sneezing and reaching for an over-the-counter remedy, you might also find yourself reaching for a personal lubricant. Make sure you choose a great one you can trust to keep you going with no worries.

4) Vaginal pH Imbalance

Your vagina maintains a delicate environment, but sometimes things get out of balance. Whether you’ve recently taken antibiotics that killed everything, even the good, or you’ve experienced a yeast infection, a change in your vagina’s pH could cause you to feel unusually dry and uncomfortable. This is no fun for you, but you do have an excellent and trusted choice in SYLK® Moisturizing Lubricant.

5) Stress, Anxiety, or Depression

Have you felt stressed out or ultra blue lately? These feelings not only cause the typical problems you might associate with them, but they could also cause issues with dryness down there. Fun right?

The good news is there is help for you if you experience vaginal dryness. There are a wide variety of personal lubrication products available to women who experience reduced female lubrication. The trick is finding which one works for you.

There is no need to suffer additional worry over things feeling as dry as the Sahara down there because SYLK® Moisturizing Lubricant provides a trusted, top-selling lubrication that doesn’t compromise your body’s natural pH balance or your pleasure.

Why SYLK®?

Created in New Zealand in the 1980s, SYLK® is the top choice that women just like you have chosen for more than three decades. This moisturizer uses New Zealand kiwifruit vine extract to create a delicious and delightful intimate experience for you providing top-notch personal lubrication for the fun times you deserve! With SYLK® you can say goodbye to sticky, smelly, greasy female lubrication products.

It truly is the perfect choice to relieve uncomfortable dryness and increase personal pleasure. Give your body and yourself the very best option available. It’s an amazing choice you’ll find yourself making again and again.

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