Three Valentine's Date Ideas to Change Things Up

Valentine’s day is almost upon us and it’s time to ditch the overpriced dinners and get you and your partner out of the Valentine’s Day rut! Below are three ideas if you’re struggling to think of what to do for your Valentine’s Day date and you’re wanting to change things up from the normal routine.

Wine! With a Little Bit of Painting

Art is a form of expression, so what better way to express your love than to paint with your significant other while indulging in some fine wine! This couples date has become more popular as art studios all over open their doors for these fun couples nights. Not only do you get to drink wine while bringing out your inner Picasso, you and your partner get to come home with gifts for each other with each drawing! If you’re trying to stay within a budget, be sure to grab some canvas, a painters kit, and a couple of bottles (we didn’t say the paintings have to be good) of your favorite wine and you can DIY at home.

Learn to cook together from a professional

If you’re looking to get out of the house but still want do something interactive together, a couples cooking class can be a great option. With many couples having one person in charge of cooking duties on a regular basis, this is an opportunity to work together as a team to satisfy your hunger while learning new skills and recipes in the kitchen. You and your partner get to tackle the challenge of making your meal together and we all know that food tastes better when you’re the one putting in the effort.

A night full of laughter at a comedy show

If you feel like watching a show together but still want to get out of the house, the local comedy club gives you the perfect opportunity. A night full of laughter and fun is an amazing way to enjoy your Valentine’s date night together and escape reality for a bit. Heading home smiling ear to ear can only lead to an even better night once you get back home so be sure not to use all your energy laughing at the show!

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