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The SYLK® Story

The SYLK® Story starts 30 years back…

SYLK® Moisturizing Lubricant was created in the 1980s in New Zealand, where it was first sold. Launched soon after in Australia and the United Kingdom, it quickly established a positive reputation among consumers and health professionals. At SYLK® USA, we remain steadfast in our commitment to making a high quality product that satisfies the most conscious and discerning consumers. Feel confident in your product choices for your body *YES!*

SYLK® lubricant is created from kiwi vine extract from kiwifruit orchards in the Pukekohe area of New Zealand. A byproduct of the kiwifruit harvesting operation, the vines are normally left to decompose on the ground, offering no other viable use aside from nutritional benefits from plant waste. We extract the kiwi gum and utilize this significant ingredient that would otherwise be wasted. Once processed, we compost the vines and recycle them back to the orchard in concentrated form.

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