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As a married woman in her early 50’s I can honestly say that SYLK has been a lifesaver! For years I have suffered from vaginal dryness and my husband and I have used numerous lubricants most of which we found to be messy, oily, tacky and caused discomfort. Then we were introduced to SYLK which is a natural, water-based lubricant (very important especially for women) and loved the way it felt immediately. One of the best things I love about this product is I only need a tiny amount and it lasts!! The tube that it comes in never gets messy and oily either like some others we have used in the past. SYLK is the only lubricant we will use from now on! Thanks for keeping our sex life very much alive!

-Christy B

I was fortunate enough to receive samples of Sylk not realizing how valuable it would become to me and how quickly I realized I needed more of this product immediately. This is the ultimate solution to dryness without making you feel sticky. It is water based, feels smooth (not greasy or jelly like), and the smallest amount provides the most natural feeling lubrication when you need it. This is an exceptional, high quality product and I definitely recommend it!

-Katie M.

Just wanted to say my girlfriend and I tried SYLK for the first time last week and it was by far the best product we have ever used. It wasn’t messy and the all natural ingredients made it a very pleasant experience during and after. I would recommend SYLK to people of all ages.

-Paul D.

I’ve always had very sensitive skin and it has been a constant challenge trying to find a lubricant that would not cause any irritation or even worse, lead to a yeast infection.  On top of being 100% natural – SYLK is very light, non-greasy/sticky, and yet a little goes a long way.  I absolutely love this product and glad I don’t have to continue searching.  This has been a total game-changer for me in more ways than one!

-Kat H.

Just wanted to say I tried SYLK and I love it!!!! Great product and does it job to perfection.. It “trumps” its competition…. 100%. GUARANTEED.

-Tina P.

I’m allergic to most lubricants and am so happy to have discovered Sylk! It provides just the right amount of moisture without leaving a sticky residue. I know I will be using Sylk for years to come.

-Amanda J.

SYLK is an excellent lubricant product! It exceeds all of my expectations; it feels natural, there’s no mess, no clean up and leaves you feeling clean!  I am ecstatic to have found a product that leaves me feeling fresh and untroubled!

-Tyler D

SYLK is one of the few products that I loved so much – I contacted the manufacturer to say thank you! The product is non-greasy, non-irritating, and natural. Everything we place on the outside of the body is absorbed through the skin. Knowing that I am not applying chemicals to sensitive areas is important to me. Finding SYLK has been a great discovery – and I will be sharing it with other women I know!

-Colleen F

I have never ever felt the need to write a testimonial before. But I am going out of my way to write one for such a wonderful product. SYLK has changed my entire experience of intimacy without the pain that was always associated with what should be total pleasure. Every other product we have used had harsh chemicals that irritated the skin and burned. The natural ingredients and feel of the product is just amazing.

Thank you SYLK for the effort you have made to create such an innovative product that has changed my life, from pain to pleasure.

-Daniel L.

I heard the other day a women say, “If I had to write a love letter to a lubricant I would write it to SYLK” . I completely agree! I love this product. One day after using SYLK my husband said to me, “I really like this lubricant so much better than what we used to use and I said why?” He said to my surprise, “the other lubricants we’re burning me while made love and after when I used the restroom.” I had no idea they were causing him pain. I told him I hated the other versions too because they tasted metallic, smelled synthetic and I knew they we’re bad for us but didn’t know what else to use until SYLK. As a women I love that SYLK provides me the perfect amount of moisture, isn’t sticky, wont stain my bedding, has no taste, no smell and is made from the “Vine” of the NZ Kiwi Fruit instead of harsh toxic chemicals. For my marriage, it makes me happy knowing my husband wont experience pain anymore. SYLK is a game changer product. Simply put, it’s the holy grail of lubricants!

– Kecia L.

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