Water Based Vaginal Lubricant

Water Based Vaginal Lubricant Only a water based vaginal lubricant is safe to use for intimate moments. If you’re using a chemically-based lube, you’re probably experiencing burning and itching during or after intercourse. Sylk is the only product on the market made from kiwi vine extract, so you can feel good about reaching for Sylk when you need relief from dryness.

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TSHR Antibody

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Chronic Pain Management

Dr. Gnap is a family practice physician and behavioral medicine specialist in suburban Chicago.  Dr. Gnap developed the Inner Control™ Program in 1970 and has worked with thousands of people to improve and correct medical, emotional, behavioral and learning problems including performance.  He started the Inner Control program because so many patients asked, "what more can be done along with traditional treatment methods?" Doctorgnap.com