Sweat off the Sweets: Sexercise Your Candy Calories Away

Whether you have children or not, Halloween is a time you’re bound to indulge in some, or many, sweet treats.  While the bars are fun-sized, the calories can add up. You could certainly hit the gym a little bit longer the next day to make up for eating your body weight in Chocolate, but why leave the house when you can burn off those treats getting sweaty in the sack?  A session between the sheets can make you feel amazing mentally but it’s also a great physical work out.  On average, men burn 100 calories during sex while women can expend about 69.  This of course depends on the position, but that just leaves plenty of room for experimenting! The graphic provided will give you a glimpse into just how long you need to knock boots if you want after treating yourself to your favorite candy.  Keep reading for some tips on how to heat things up in the bedroom and sexercise those Halloween treats away.

Act it Out

What better excuse to dig out that sexy nurse costume than Halloween?  Experimenting with role play can certainly heat things up between you and your partner.  Acting out a fantasy, or fantasies, you’ve been thinking of can really spice it up, in turn allowing you and your partner to go at it much longer than if you were keeping things vanilla. Role play also proves that Halloween isn’t just for kids!

Switch Positions

If you and your partner are stuck in the same old bedroom routine, consider trying out some new positions to spark things up.  You may be surprised to find certain positions will burn as many calories as your cardio work out on the treadmill! Experimenting could lead you to discover some new-found favorites to keep in mind for future sexcapades.  Think of it as an opportunity to grow as a couple while sweating off those butterfingers!

Don’t Forget the Foreplay

Many times we want to skip the appetizer and go right for the main course, but if you really want to get that work out in during sex, foreplay is a must! From sending a sexy text message to wearing special lingerie, there are plenty of ways to get things started.  If you’re into the oral route, maintaining your mouth is essential. According to an article by dailystar.co.uk, a woman can burn up to 100 calories per hour performing oral sex, which is just about enough to work off that peanut butter cup you ate earlier. 

Treat Yourself

You may have over indulged on candy but at the end of the day, sex is meant to be enjoyed. It’s important to remember you’re in this to have fun and please yourself and your partner. The fact that you can simultaneously burn calories is an added bonus!  At the end of the day, it all comes down to escaping reality and spending some quality time between the sheets.  Given you now know how long it takes to burn off some of your favorite Halloween treats, you may find yourself shopping the clearance aisles for those day after candy sales more than ever before!    

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