Spring Cleaning: Your Guide to Intimate Hygiene

Spring has officially sprung! While the birds are chirping and the sunshine is emerging, you could be inclined for some annual “spring cleaning” whether it be around your house, your car, or even people in your life. For SYLK’s spring cleaning guide, we decided to take a look at a different (yet, important!) type of cleaning: Intimate Hygiene. Here are our top Intimate Spring Cleaning Tips:

1. Do NOT douche

Douching is washing/flushing the vagina, or the internal area of your intimate parts. This is not only unnecessary (for the most part, the vagina is self cleaning!), it can actually throw off your vagina’s natural pH balance and can possibly cause irritation and infections. Your vagina has naturally occurring good bacteria (lactobacillus), which keeps the vagina at an acidic level (about a 4.5) and bad bacteria at bay. Disrupting this pH balance can cause discomfort ranging from itching to infection.

2. Clean your vulva

When we talk about basics of cleaning, those with vaginas need to remember that the outside area of your genitals (aka vulva) only needs to be cleaned with warm water and if you prefer, gentle, pH balanced intimate washes. Be sure to use a clean hand to wash the outer labia.

3. Clean up after sex

And beforehand, too, if possible. Having clean gential area before sex can get rid of any unwanted and irritating bacteria from entering your vagina and washing up after sex (along with a quick trip to the bathroom after sex) will help from harmful bacteria making its way up the urethra and possibly causing a Urinary Tract Infetion (UTI). So enjoy intimate time with your partner but don’t forget to wash up after the fun 🙂

4. Only use pH balanced products

Perhaps it’s also time to do some spring cleaning on your personal care products. When choosing products to use in your intimate area, read labels. Make sure that whatever you are putting there from personal lubricants to vulva moisturizers to intimate washes are made with clean ingredients and are pH balanced. SYLK is a water-based moisturizing personal lubricant that is pH balanced and can be used for added ease and comfort during intimate sexual activity. Looking for an intimate wash? Our favorite pH balanced intimate wash is The Honey Pot Co. They have “normal” and “sensitive” washes (and wipes for on-the go freshening) for your intimate area!

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