New Year #couplegoals

The tradition of New Year’s Resolutions is all about starting fresh, and making goals to make the best of the year ahead. We do this with household budgets, exercise goals, clean eating plans, and a variety of other self improvement areas. This year, set some New Year’s resolutions to make intimacy and your sex life, a vital element to your overall health, a priority. Here are some ideas to get you started but of course, feel free to get creative.
  •  Have regular date nights.  Take time at least once a month to connect emotionally, spend time together doing something fun, and be sure to remove all distractions to focus on one another.
  • It may not be possible for you to come up with a timetable for sex, but discussing your goals about how often you think sex should take place between you two in the coming year is a great place to start.
  • Try something new in the bedroom.  Whether you have been together a few years or married over 20, it’s important to keep the bedroom exciting.  Try a new position, play out someone’s fantasy, or buying and trying a new toy are all ways to keep it new and interesting.
  • Leave surprise love notes for each other in random places for no reason at all.
  • Cook a special dinner at home or take a cooking class together.
  • Once a month, take turns and perform oral sex on each other.
  • Exercise at least once a week together.  Whether it’s a walk to mailbox or you lift at the gym together, being physically active together is a great time to connect and has been known to be a huge turn on between partners.
  • Once a quarter, get a couple’s massage.  Make it a day date and add in a mani/ pedi sessions.
These are the type of New Year’s Resolutions that have several added bonuses to stay on track. A hotter, more fulfilling sex life, yes please! Feeling closer and more connected to your partner, score! Plus, being open about intimacy and working towards goals together is important in a relationship. Creating goals as a couple is not only healthy for your relationship, but should be fun as well. Hopefully making these goals will start a great discussion and ignite some sparks! And don’t forget to #justaddsylk

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