When it comes to sex WETTER IS BETTER!

Sometimes, you want it and sometimes you need it. We’re talking about personal lubrication, of course. Whether you want to supplement your own moisture or for added ease and comfort during sex, SYLK has you covered ! Made with only 8 ingredients and pH balanced, SYLK has been the go-to lubricant for couples all over the world.

Deficiency of the body’s natural lubrication is a common condition usually associated with menopause but it can affect women at different times in their lives, for many different reasons. In turn, this can affect our relationships and the way we feel about ourselves.



Glands in our cervix control natural lubrication and when this process is upset, through hormonal changes or when you are experiencing stress and anxiety, vaginal dryness can be an unwelcome side effect. 


Vaginal dryness is a common symptom during and after pregnancy. Sylk is safe to use during pregnancy, post-natally, and while breastfeeding.


Hormone based birth control and over 300 medications, including allergy and cold remedies, can also cause this unwanted condition.


Love making is often when women first spot vaginal dryness as it can make penetration painful and uncomfortable. Many women are too embarrassed to talk to their doctor about this condition and suffer in silence


Perimenopause is the time when women begin to experience some menopausal symptoms but are still having periods.  This usually occurs around 45 years of age and causes fluctuating hormone levels and in most cases, vaginal dryness.

Couples LOVE SYLK!

"Such an amazing product…. Don’t know where to begin with complements. As someone with sensitive skin problems it is so hard to find a lube for my boyfriend and myself to enjoy. Sylk solved that… natural and so great for my skin. You have to try it. No crazy chemicals like the other guys out there and no stickiness. This lube is for everyone! #sylkisthebest"
"Me and my boyfriend have used other products on the market but SYLK is unlike anything I’ve ever used. If you use other lubricants I suggest you give this one a try, you will never use another personal lubricant again!"
"Sylk is by far the best lubricant I’ve found after trying countless other brands out there...It has a very natural feel to it and doesn’t get sticky at all! My girlfriend is very sensitive to many types of products and this is the first lube we’ve found that doesn’t upset her skin at all. You can really tell the difference in these high grade ingredients, we recommend it to everyone!"
"My husband and I love SYLK! It’s not sticky like other lubricants and you don’t have to worry about what you are putting in your body since it’s all natural. I strongly recommend this product!"
"...My husband noticed the difference between other products we’ve tried, as it didn’t seem to “dry out” – it lasted for a long while! It also didn’t have that awful chemical smell/taste that other products have. We are hooked! My husband also said that it was better than any lotion or KY product for male masturbation…which is something I’d never even considered when we got the bottle! Thanks, SYLK!"

Kecia and Daniel share their SYLK story.