When it comes to sex, WETTER IS BETTER!

Women's bodies are sensitive and natural wetness often doesn't even have to do with arousal,but is also affected by other factors such as hormones,the time of the month,or even medications.Adding a little SYLK boost to your glide can increase ease and comfort (especially for our well-endowed friends). Not all lubes are created equal. Choosing a lubricant that is safe, effective, pleasurable, and sensitive can be an overwhelming task. SYLK takes the guesswork out - it's pH balanced to a woman's vagina and doctor recommended so you can focus on the moment.



SYLK is water-based so it's toy safe and won't deteriorate the ones made of silicone. With your partner or even by yourself, a dab of SYLK on your favorite bedroom toys and let the 50 Shades of fun, begin!


It can be difficult to produce enough saliva to perform oral sex. SYLK is edible, flavorless, and won't leave a sticky residue behind. Make your job easier and enhance your lover's experience.


Safe sex is the best kind and because SYLK is water-based, it's safe to use with latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene. We suggest you put a drop inside the rubber before it's put on and then rub some on the outside, too!


This one is pretty obvious, at least we think so (wink, wink). Begin with a dime-sized amount because too much sliding is almost as bad as not enough! And the best part, SYLK won't leave that sticky residue behind!

Customers reviews


"My wife and I have been using Sylk throughout her pregnancy. It has allowed us to continue to be comfortably intimate regardless of any changes in natural lubrication she has experienced. We can’t recommend Sylk enough!"
"Sylkie Smoove! It really enhanced the experience for my wife and I, took the night up to the next level, would definitely recommend! Not sticky or messy like other products I have tried. Truly the best lube I have come across!"
"While preparing for a romantic Valentine’s Day evening, my wife and I tried SYLK for the first time this past weekend...After our experience, all I can say is that this product will not be looked over and we’re looking forward to a very close, very fun evening together with the help of SYLK…Pros: Easy clean-up, feels/works great. Cons: can’t think of any"
"Happened upon this by chance and am glad I did. Truly is a phenomenal product. Has a super clean feel that I haven’t found anywhere else. Perfect for both the occasional and every-day user. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!"
"My wife came home with SYLK months ago and I must say SYLK has not only helped her but it has helped us. It feels natural and isn’t sticky like some of the other stuff on the shelves. We won’t be using anything else. Thanks for such a wonderful product!"

Daniel shares his support for SYLK, as his sexual experience is now pain free and pleasurable.