Singing and dancing, chips and salsa, lube and sex toys. Some things just seem to have been made to go together. When it comes to lube and toys, look no further than SYLK for your favorite solution.

Personal Play

At SYLK USA, we are keenly aware of the after-hours, personal lubrication needs of people all over the world. Who doesn’t like to play every once in a while? With a plethora of sex toys to choose from, SYLK is the best way to indulge in personal play while enjoying your “me” time to the fullest.

There is nothing more relaxing than personal time. During this quiet period, we get to disconnect from the rigor of daily life. A bit of creativity and imagination can take us to several places without leaving the comfort of our own beds. Add to this some personal curiosity, and you got yourself a “me” moment to really enjoy.

Beware of Playing Without Protecting Your Skin

Not all adult toys are made for the same purposes. Increasingly curious customers want to experiment new sensations and learn more about their own bodies. The 21st-century sex toy is succinct, elegant, and made to be used in any part of your body, not just your private ones. Still, when it comes to inserting foreign objects for the purpose of pleasure, special consideration should be given to the following potential consequences:

  1. Chafing – This common condition is caused by the rubbing of skin against itself or another object. It can happen internally or externally.
  2. Cuts and scratches- Personal playing sometimes causes minor cuts and scratches due to friction.
  3. Damage to sensitive, inner organs. While this sounds super serious, what really happens sometimes is that the inner organ is not full ready to take in the pressure of the thrust during play. This is why it is so important to prepare ahead by using personal lubrication.
  4. Rash or sensitivity from the shape or make of the toy- Not lubricating the area prior to inserting an adult toy runs the risk of excess rubbing and thus rashes form easier.

Here is Where SYLK Comes to the Rescue

Made with love from New Zealand kiwifruit vine extract, SYLK Personal Lubricant is all the rage in today’s adult market. It has established a solid reputation among consumers and health professionals. Consumers rave about the clean and smooth texture that SYLK offers to supplement the body’s natural lubrication.

Be prepared for your fun. Always lubricate before you start and don’t be afraid to refresh during activity.

The Right Lube

At SYLK, we understand that having the right lubricant can make all the difference in your experience alone or with a partner. Making sure to use a lubricant that is safe, effective, and gentle is key. Factors such as pH level of the lubricant and if it contains irritating ingredients all play a role into choosing the right lubricant for your intimate activities.

Adult Lubrication

What you need is the right lubricating product that feels like you, You need a product with a smooth “oh-so-good” finish, a clean-to-the-touch texture, and not made with potentially irritating ingredients or additives. This is how we know that SYLK is the best choice to use with your adult toys. Whether you are playing alone, or with a partner, be always sure to add the one drop that can make all the difference and bring things from good to great.

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