Love Sweat and Tears: Coming to a Theatre Near You

A Quest to Save the Menopausal Vagina.

By Dr. Michael Krychman

This month is especially exciting for me on a professional level. The documentary that I was filmed in makes its California debut on the big screen. Love, Sweat and Tears is a documentary concerning menopausal sexuality. Dr Pam Gaudry, the interviewer and producer of the film, eloquently summarizes the film: “We are on a quest to save the Menopausal Vagina.” Indeed, we are on a quest to help maintain the sensuality and sexuality for many women who report to have been devastated by the lost of their sexual pleasure.

I’m grateful to share the big screen with so many sexuality specialists, spiritual advisors, comediennes, pioneers and female crusaders: Dr. Pam Gaudry, Patty Brisben (founder of pure romance), Mary Jo Rapini, Barbara DuPree (Founder of MiddlesexMD) and the late Joan Rivers. Too many more stars in this film to list! This documentary is for everyone, young, old married, single, divorced, lesbian or heterosexual.

Time changes everything. Our physical appearance, the way we feel emotionally, and indeed physically. Sex, too changes with time. And sometimes time is not a welcomed change. Undeniably sexual health and general health remain intertwined. Simple solutions, like over the counter, safe effective lubricants can add lubrication and enhance sex.

Love, Sweat and Tears will be featured in many cities around the country, maybe to a city near you. It already has won the Sedona Film Festival this last summer and is on track to become a huge entertainment success.

Not surprising, the time is right for women to embrace their sexual selves and fight for sexual equality and longevity.



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