Introducing Lube to a Relationship Without Any Awkwardness

Vaginal dryness is something that affects almost all women at least once in their lifetime. It’s very common. It happens at any age, for any reason, and during any occasion. There’s usually no rhyme or reason to it. The dryness can happen if it’s around the time a woman’s menstruation cycle is set to begin, if she’s had a change in her diet, if she’s stressed, if she’s changed her birth control recently, and a whole slew of other reasons. What’s important here is that women know that they are not alone. Many women are embarrassed over vaginal dryness especially when it’s time to be intimate with their partner. They worry that they will be judged, it’ll ruin the mood, and that there’s something wrong with them.

It’s important that a man makes sure that his woman knows that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. Dryness down there is a bit of a taboo subject and one that many are embarrassed to bring up. It’s important that a man opens up a dialogue with his woman without making her feel uncomfortable or judged. To do this, a man should come with suggestions that will not only make his woman feel safe but also make her look forward to their next sexual encounter.

One of those common ways that couples deal with the dryness is by introducing lube into their relationship. A man has to do this thoughtfully and carefully. For the longest time, people associated lube as being a product that’s needed when something is wrong. That’s not the case anymore. Lube is now something that is used in the vast majority of relationships. It makes things easier for both the man and the woman. If a man wants to introduce personal lubrication into the bedroom, he should first start by saying it’s something that will help both. A man should never make a woman feel like it’s her fault that she’s dry. If he introduces lubrication by saying “this is something for the both of us” then the conversation will go a lot more smoothly.

A man should also bring up the many benefits of using personal lubrication. The main one being that it’s fun! It can be used to stimulate body parts, make sex feel better, and make things a whole lot easier. There have even been studies done which show that it’s even easier for lube to help a man and a woman reach an orgasm faster. That’s great news for anyone.

Another way to go about introducing lube is by discussing the different ways it can be used. Lube can be used for foreplay, during intercourse, and even just for a sensual massage. Lube has many uses, not only for sexual intercourse and female lubrication. Lube is also great for a relationship because it expands the horizons of both the man and the woman. Couples can get creative as long as it’s safe.

A man should make sure that a woman knows that lube is safe. It’s important to stress this because sometimes women can get nervous about putting a foreign product on or near her vaginal area. It’s important to also know that not all lubes are created equal. Stick with a lube that is pH balanced and check the ingredients – typically, you can find the less ingredients, the better. Typically, there aren’t any harmful side effects, burning sensations, or anything of that sort. In fact, lube is used because it makes sex less painful. It makes it easier for a woman to relax during sex and it makes it easier on her body. This, in turn, creates a delightful experience for both.

Overall, introducing the topic of lube doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Chances are, the woman in your relationship might have already been hoping that the issue would be brought up! Lube is something that is for both sexes in the relationship. It’s something that everyone can enjoy. Lube shouldn’t be thought of as a solution for a problem. Instead, it should be thought of as something introduced to a relationship to make it more fun for everyone involved.

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