By Dr. Michael Krychman

May is the month of blooming rebirth and fragrant new spring flowers. It is also the month of mothers. With Mother’s Day soon upon us it is time to salute those who have nurtured us, made us homemade soup during the flu season, cheered us on from the sidelines during our sporting events, and helped us during the midnight hours cutting and pasting for science projects. Mother’s Day should be celebrated now and every day for their selfless commitment to their partners, children and their families.

It’s not surprising that raising children can impact a woman’s sense of sexual well-being and fulfillment.  In a Swedish publication, in the Journal of Sex Research, the impact of children on sexual frequency was examined. Noteworthy findings demonstrated that children inversely affect sexual frequency- the more children you have, the less sexual activity you and your partner are likely to experience.

Indeed, sexuality is multifactorial; fatigue, privacy considerations, and time constraints may act as barriers to sensual intimacy. New mothers who are breastfeeding, have lowered estrogen levels and may suffer from painful vaginal dryness and lowered sexual interest. Dry vaginal tissue coupled with sore cracked nipples are often not the background scenario for sexual enjoyment or pleasure.

No doubt that motherhood is a full-time job and often time, a consuming job that often goes unrecognized, underpaid, and underappreciated. This month take some time to enjoy motherhood.   Use the lock on the master bedroom door, plan a sensual date night, sleep in! Grab a bottle of lube, and Enjoy!

This Mother’s Day, whether you’re a mother, grandmother, aunt or even single, treat yourself. Give yourself a break from your children, your job, and other social obligations and just RELAX and ENJOY!

Plan a day of quiet relaxation, enjoy the solitude and focus on  renewing your internal sexiness. Be sensual. Take control. Plan a novel erotic adventure with your lover. Heighten your own sense of sexuality. Reenergize and revitalize your sexual spirit. Reignite your passion. Feel the rush of motherhood, womanhood, and the rush of sensuality and sexuality.

–Dr. Michael Krychman

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