Hot Days and Hot Nights:

Your Guide to the Ultimate Summer Fling

Whether you are in a relationship or in-the-moment, summer is a perfect time to heat things up with your lover. Grab your sweetie, grab the SYLK and check out these sexy activities:

  1. Ice play. When getting between the sheets, finding ways to ignite the senses can make all the difference. What better way to cool down than to add a little ice to your love session? Tip: Try putting the ice in your mouth to give your kisses a cooling sensation.
  2. Watch the sunset together. While summer days are filled with sunshine, that also makes for stunning views as the sun goes down. Grab your lover and a glass of wine and snuggle up to watch the sunset.
  3. Skinny Dipping. Getting wet without clothes. Need we say more? Just be sure to use discretion if your swimming spot is outside of your private residence.
  4. Get a Couples Massage. Often times, resorts and spas run summer specials for their services. There are also mobile providers popping up in cities accross the US, that will come to you and and provide ultimate relaxation in the comfort of your own home. So explore your area, find your own private oasis and relax in bliss together.
  5. Rent a convertible or a pick-up truck and drive to a place to star-gaze together. Nothing beats driving with the windows down, enjoying the breeze and finding the best spot for stargazing session away from the city lights.
  6. Romantic Picnic. Too hot outside for a picnic in the park? You don’t even need to travel far to make this a romantic summer picnic. Grab some pillows and set up a picnic right at home on your living room floor. Bonus: you’ll already be close to the bedroom so your date doesn’t have to stop there.

Even though it’s hot out, it doesn't mean you can’t turn up the heat with your summer fling. Grab your sweetie, pack the SYLK, and have fun! What are your favorite ways to heat it up with your love during the summer? We'd love if you share it with us on Social Media and tag it with #wearesylk #justaddsylk

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