2019: New Year, New Lube

With a new year often comes new resolutions – whether its financial goals, travel wishes, or healthier lifestyle goals, the beginning of the year is a time to start fresh. Our 2019 challenge for you: Taking care of your Intimate Health….


Many people start the new year with fitness and general health goals – exercising more, eating healthier, drinking more water, etc. However, an area of general health that can be commonly overlooked when planning out your goals is your intimate health AKA sexual wellness AKA vaginal health. Call us bias but this is NOT okay. Why should your personal, and we mean REAL personal, care be a top priority? The answer is simple: your intimate health is a part of your whole body health and when you make your wellness a priority, it’s a component that cannot be forgotten. It’s 2019 after all and no topic of health should go undiscussed.


Intimate health starts from the inside out – what you put IN your body matters. From foods and medications to lotions, creams, and other remedies, your body is an absorbing machine that deserves proper nourishment. Here are some key points to maintaining optimal vaginal health:

  1. Ditch the Douche. Douching can change your vagina’s normal pH balance, making you susceptible to infections. If you are noticing an unpleasant smell coming from your intimate area, it’s best to see a doctor and NOT douche.
  2. Probiotics for the Win. Drinking enough water and eating the proper food can go a long way for your overall health AND your vaginal health. Tip: probiotics can help maintain the delicate vaginal bacteria balance. If you are prone to yeast infections, be sure to add some probiotic-rich yogurt to your diet.
  3. Cotton is your best friend. Perhaps not an obvious point, but what you wear can affect your vaginal health. Tight fitting and restrictive clothes can create a damp environment for yeast to thrive. Keeping your intimate area clean and dry is important and wearing cotton underwear
  4. See your GYN on the regular. Schedule your yearly gynecologist appointment so that you can receive the proper and professional examinations, go over any health concerns, and have proper preventative care.
  5. New Year, New Lube. Let’s put it this way: when it comes to sex, wetter is better. Not having enough lubrication during intimate activity can not only hurt (ouch!), it can also cause trauma to the vagina. Lack of lubrication does NOT necessarily correlate to lack of desire. Hormone changes, anxiety, your monthly cycle, and even medications can all contribute to dryness (for more info, read our blog on vaginal dryness). What better way to kick off the New Year than with SYLK – water-based moisturizing personal lubricant. SYLK is made with 100% purified, natural kiwi vine extract, is pH balanced, and only made with 8 safe ingredients, making the formula gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

It’s 2019 and it’s time for you to start the New Year off the right way in all aspects of your total body wellness including your sexual health!

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