6 Tips to Turn Up The Heat and Turn Down The Stress This Holiday Season

The holidays can be some of the best and also some of the most stressful times of the year! There are parties, family gatherings, end of the year reports, shopping, meetings, last minute errands, and much more that needs to get done. There is so much to do that the sexual intimacy with our partners can get pushed aside for the “season” creating even more stress. Sex is a wonderful natural stress reliever, considering orgasms cause the body to produce feel-good hormones like endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin (with added benefit of helping improve your quality of sleep).  Being intentional about your sexual intimacy during the holiday season is vital for the health of your relationship and will naturally help bring your stress level down.

Here are 6 tips to turn up the heat and turn down the stress this holiday season!


Time-crunched couples have to be intentional about their intimate and sex lives. This holiday season, make sure you set aside time, in between all the shopping, errands and holiday parties, for some quality alone time with your partner. Try to not put so much pressure on climaxing but rather enjoy touching each other, kissing and feeling physically and emotionally close.

New Traditions

Healthy sex comes out of healthy communication. Sharing your thoughts and fantasies and discussing your sexual needs can help bring you and your partner closer together and help promote overall sexual fulfillment. This year, try starting some new sexy holiday traditions with your lover. Explore different times to have sex or try new techniques. Consider more cuddling, a sensual massage, role play or the use of some toys. Talk about what you like, what you don’t like and what new things you would like to try and find something you can look forward to doing to celebrate the holidays with your partner in your bedroom every year.

Be a Giver

Be a giver.  No, we’re not just talking about gifting presents on Christmas morning. What makes someone a fantastic lover is not their technical ability or their repertoire of moves but their attentiveness and their efforts to make their partner happy. The best sex is the kind in which each person is trying to please the other one. So this holiday season, work on your ‘giving’ between the sheets. Maybe you’re not a fan of oral sex but you know that your partner loves it, give them the gift of pleasuring them the way they really want. The sharing in sex is one of the things that make it wonderful. So during the most wonderful time of the year, give a little more to your partner than usual.

Naughty or Nice

You aren’t Santa Claus and as such, we shouldn’t ever make our partners feel like we’re deciding when they get to have sex based on whether they’ve been “good” or “bad.” The holidays tend to increase the stress and tension so it’s important to be mindful to not ‘punish’ our partners when we are stressed out in general. Openly expressing that you’re too upset for sex right now is perfectly acceptable but withholding sex or using it as a reward makes it no longer about two people being intimate and enjoying each other. Play nice and get naughty together when the situation has settled down and watch how the cocktail of orgasm-induced, feel-good hormones work their magic. 

Plan Ahead

Squeeze in a sex session before you head to that big party! Not only will you feel more relaxed and happy at the party but you can actually partake in the food and libations without the fear of feeling bloated and unattractive later. Drinking alcoholic party beverages can also decrease libido and physiological arousal. While alcohol consumption can actually increase a person’s arousal subjectively (it’s a widely acknowledged fact that drinking lowers inhibitions), the physical effects can make it harder to reach climax for both partners. So this year, plan ahead and heat up your bedroom before you head out to celebrate.

Just Add SYLK

Stress can cause your body to do some crazy things and react in inconvenient ways including causing vaginal dryness. Don’t let vaginal dryness interfering with your sexual enjoyment this holiday season, #JUSTADDSYLK.  SYLK also makes a great gift for close friends and family. Wetter sex is better sex and who doesn’t love better sex?

This holiday season, grab a bottle (or more) of SYLK, prioritize your intimacy with your partner, create some new sexy holiday celebration traditions, be a giver – more than usual, play nice when the season gets busy and get naughty with your partner to help reduce stress and remember to plan ahead to squeeze in a session between the sheets before that big holiday party!

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