3 Common Reasons Why Some Couples Sleep Apart

Couples sleeping in separate rooms or even beds has long held the stigma that something is afoul in the relationship. This stigma is coming into a new light as more and more couples ditch the shared bed in order to prioritize quality of sleep and comfort for those crucial 8 hours. While there sleeping in the same bed does have its benefits, more and more couples are figuring out positive drivers in their relationship after making the switch back to sleeping solo. In fact, a 2013 survey found that up to 40% of couples choose to sleep in in separate beds. The perception has slowly been shifting and sleeping apart can actually improve relationships depending the reason that is for the change. Continue reading below to see 5 common reasons why more couples today are making the switch.

Better Sleep

It’s no secret that some people are become disruptive once they fall asleep. Whether that’s from loud snoring, constant movement, or differing body temperatures to name a few, there are countless reasons why sleeping next to another person could disturb the quality of sleep. In reality, a study conducted in the UK found that on average, couples suffered 50% more sleep disturbances while sleeping next to their partner. Besides an entire laundry list of benefits, getting better sleep leads to feeling refreshed for your day ahead and can improve your attitude and mood which will lower your chances of conflict over sleeping problems.

Your Schedules don't align during the week

When couples have differing work and life schedules that cause them to go to bed at different times, sleeping in separate beds or rooms will help curb any disruptions that come with the territory. Nothing is worse than being woken up after only a couple hours of sleep as your partner crawls into bed next to you, knowing you have to wake up bright and early for your day ahead. And counter to that, hearing your partners blaring alarm as they wake up early for work can lead to a day of grogginess ahead.

You have a child

It’s no secret that young children and especially babies can keep wake you up through the night as they need attention or care. Some parents split the duties of tending to a baby during the night and this can be easier by having one parent sleep in a separate room with the infant while the other is able to catch up on some much needed sleep. As your child becomes a toddler, they sometimes sneak off into the parents bed if they’re needing an extra sense of security or comfort at night. Adding an extra body to the bed doubles the chances of having disruptive movement or noises that can cause for a poor night’s sleep. With less square footage to sleep, sometimes it’s simply easier to crash in separate rooms on these nights so everyone can get better rest through the night.

Just because you’re sleeping in different beds doesn’t mean you have to spend less time together at night. Carving out your time together during the night and only separating for that last moment before you go to sleep can be a relief in some marriages. It allows you to choose your own schedule for falling asleep and not having to compromise on sleeping habits allows you to save those compromises for more important matters during the day. Don’t look now but this trend could continue to gain strength as people’s schedules continue to fill up and quality of sleep because a priority.

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