Sex Sent Me to the Emergency Room: It’s Not an April Fool’s Joke

By Dr. Michael Krychman

Sex can be a hazardous to your health! Consider this steamy scenario- use silicone lube in the shower for some watery sexual intimacy, and the silicone coating on the shower tiled floor makes an excellent slick surface ready for slips, falls and broken bones, it’s no joke!

Most couples do not know the faintest idea about lubricants and how to use them properly. Here are some basics that can help you prevent an unexpected trip to the emergency room and these tips may enhance your sexual pleasure at the same time.

Lube Awareness: Not all lubes are best for all purposes. There are many types including water based, silicone based and all natural. What is the purpose for the lube? What sexual act?

Each lube has its own properties. For instance, water based may need to be reapplied often and may dry up, whereas a silicone base product offer a slick feel for long lasting sexual play. Silicone lubes are the choice of lubes for anal sex. Not one lube is best for every sexual experience.

Consider trying several different types, and find which ones fit best for your sexual repertoire.

Lube Education: Not all lubes are created equal. Read the labels and understand the products’ ingredients. Investigate. Some additives may be irritating and others may even promote infection. Some products, may claim to be “all natural” but fail to live up to expectations, when you read the fine print on the ingredient label. Some important questions to ask yourself.

  • Has this product gone the distance to get Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510K clearance as a medical device?
  • What are the ingredients in the product?
  • Are there harsh additives or other potentially dangerous chemicals in the product?
  • Is the products acid/ base balance (PH) measurement compatible with my body?

Lube Use: Ask 10 people how to use lube properly, you will likely to get 10 different answers. Dr. Barb DuPree from sets the record straight with some simple solutions that are re-adapted here.


Check the instructions that come with the lube and check the expiry date. The lube you may have used as a teenager is not still good at midlife.


Only about a quarter-sized dollop is needed for nice, slippery penetration


Apply some to your partner and then to yourself. If you’re a woman, apply some lubricant to both the inside and outside of the vaginal opening. If your partner is a man, apply liberally to the glans or tip/head of the penis.

If you are using a sexual accessory or toy, apply the lube to it as well before use. Keep the lube handy for reapplication, if needed. A small hand towel close by for easy clean-up is also a great idea!


Avoid that cold feeling, some prefer to rub the lube between their hands before application. Some have warmed their lube in a warm basin of hot water. DO NOT use the microwave. Steamy, piping hot lube may burn your special private area!

Selecting the proper lube and using it correctly can enhance your sexual comfort, pleasure and enhance your overall sexual intimacy.

Sex is fun, playful and at times funny, but don’t dismiss the seriousness of being educated about your sexual lubricant!

Dr. Michael Krychman


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