SYLK and Sex for Valentine’s Day Success

The preoccupation with love, emotion and romance! The legend of unrequited love and dedication to your beloved are the feeling that are often conjured up as we rip off January on our calendars and see that February has finally arrived.

St. Valentine’s day is almost upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about how to show your lover, partner and best friend how you truly feel. Not only on this important day but also all year round. Thoughts of chocolate, candy, flowers, and the sweet nothings sayings in a greeting card are the most common and most popular Valentine’s day gifts. Perhaps it is time to think differently and revitalize your sex life. Spice it up, to bring back that WOW factor to a sometimes hum drum bedroom experience maybe what this Valentine’s day is all about.

It’s not uncommon to hear many patients hint at or outright express monotony in the bedroom. In fact, sexual boredom is very common for many couples.  Many of us fall into a sexual RUT. Routine, Uncreative Tiresome sex can zap not only your sexual dynamism but can impact your relationships’ energy. Unfortunately, sex can become stale or even predictable (for example, the Saturday night special) and breaking up this routine is important for many couples. Even if you are having great sex, it can be spectacular.

Those who are reading this and say … I’m having spectacular sex…. Well there is always room for improvement. You can always move the needle from spectacular to OMG Sex! Everyone can revive their dull and humdrum sex lives.

Sexual predictability breeds boredom. My wish for this Valentine is for you to consider adding some sexual novelty into your relationship. Novelty, enhances and promotes sexual neurobiology and helps the sexy hormones surging! Again.

Sometimes it is as simple as changing the time of the day you make love – night owls should consider trying early bird sex. Try a new lubricant like SYLK® and get your sexual juices flowing. Sexual exploration with your partner can spice up a dreary sex life.

There are countless erogenous zones and stimulation of these new areas can often be pleasure. Expand your sexual wardrobe and go shopping together. Throw out those ratty sweat pants and get a pair of silk boxers and a silk negligée. Set the stage for a sexual romp will enhance the mood.

Try a new sexual position, read the joy of sex together or use sexual props in the bedroom can help bring some excitement into the bedroom. The bold may venture into a feather tickler or even some handcuffs.

Self-stimulators, sexual accessories or enhancers can help put some pizzazz back in your bedroom. Bring back that sexual spark with a sexual fantasy with your spouse or partner.

For this Valentine’s Day, it may be time to forego the humdrum chocolate and candy – this year, expand your sexual horizons! Think creatively and consider some imaginative choices! Put some SYLK® (and silk) on your Valentine’s Day shopping list.

-Dr. Michael Krychman

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