For Practitioners

We know that providing the best quality and complete care is a healthcare practitioner’s number one priority. When it comes to patient care, sexual wellness can be a topic not completely covered during patient appointments. Women can be uncomfortable to ask questions about sexual health and practitioners can sometimes brush by the topic due to to time constraints or lack of questions from their patients.

SYLK is dedicated to not only educating women about sexual wellness but we are also committed to being a resource to assist healthcare practitioners in discussing sexual wellness with their patients.

Brochures, how-to-guides, and informational articles for your patients can be helpful to implement in your practice and serve as a reminder to patients of the importance of sexual wellness as an integral part of overall health.

SYLK USA has teamed up with SYLK’s Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Michael Krychman to provide patients and practitioners alike with factual guides on a variety of sexual health topics.

Stay tuned for downloadable documents that will be found on this page.


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